9 Minute Stand-ups

What makes Sun City's 9 Minute Stand-up Booths a great solution for the perfect tan?
Customers achieve a golden bronze color because without having to tan as often.
This saves time and money while getting an incredible tan.

  • 50 200 watt low UVB High UVA Bulbs speeds tanning by darkening pigment at a faster rate.
  • Utilizing Higher UVA Bulbs gives more effective results while taking less time.
  • Our 9 Minute stand up booths are one of the most powerful stand-up tanning units ever manufactured.
  • Single visits
  • Packages of 4, 10, 20 and 40 tans available
  • Included in most split packages
  • 30 Day Memberships
  • Monthly VIP Memberships available
  • Lotion Discounts with purchase of 10 or more tans!